Why working out with others can boost your results? The benefits of group HIIT Classes

We have all been through stages when working out simply isn’t working. For some, that can be a dangerous path. There are only so many times you can try a different method before deciding that exercise isn’t for you. When this happens, it can be a very unhealthy turning point in someone’s life, and the longer you wait to try again, the more difficult it will be to jump back into it. However, we are here to let you know that you shouldn’t give up. Everyone has it in them to become the versions of themselves that they have always dreamed of. If you have found it hard to stick to a training schedule or want to try something new, we recommend you keep reading. It is never too late to get back on track.

What are HIIT classes?

HIIT classes can take many forms. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, meaning that the heart rate stays up, and you can burn much more calories than in other forms of training. These high-energy workouts are designed to focus on the entire body rather than just one part. They usually involve a variety of exercises that, when combined, will burn the maximum amount of fat. Even if it is an entirely new thing, HIIT is designed to cater for all levels, and after a few sessions, anybody can pick it up. It is certainly a fun way to stay in shape. One of the best things about HIIT is that it is often done with two or more people. Training in pairs and groups has tremendous benefits and produces a much higher success rate than solo training, especially if the gym isn’t your thing.

Benefits of group exercise classes

Group exercise classes benefit beginners and experienced trainers in many ways. Having other people there is proven to give participants a higher success rate and improve their dedication to workout goals. Here are some of the ways group exercise can improve your life.

Increased motivation – Group exercise will dramatically increase a person’s motivation and dedication. When exercising alone, it can be far too easy to skip a day. When you are working as a group, skipping a day will feel like letting down someone other than yourself. It is also common for groups to gain a competitive side when working out together. This can significantly encourage people to improve their form and achieve higher goals. 

Develops high levels of muscular endurance and improves fitness level – Your body will become familiar with the routines, and you will find that muscular endurance improves within no time after a few group HIIT sessions. Having a group to back you means that you will get better with time. After a few months, people are often surprised by how far they have come. The more often people exercise, the better their cardiovascular fitness levels will be too. Exercise may seem like a slog right now, but over time, the body will be able to handle much more intense exercise without tiring. This is when people really start to notice those endorphins. 

Improves mental health – One of the most important benefits of group exercise is its positive impact on mental health. First of all, people taking part in group exercise will improve their social skills and develop friendship groups with like-minded individuals. This can work wonders to boost enthusiasm and confidence and promote self-esteem. The more often people participate in activities such as group exercise, the better they will feel. Stress levels become low, and people will find themselves feeling better than ever before. The chemicals released in someone’s brain when they exercise increase happiness and general well-being. This is only heightened when you introduce the social aspect of group exercise. If you are a shy or anxious person, we understand the first steps can be challenging, but once you get into the swing of things, you will never look back.

Improves physical health – Of course, we exercise to improve our health, but group exercise can highly increase the chances of this happening due to the heightened motivation a person feels to attend. Over time people can experience dramatic weight loss, find themselves making excellent lifestyle choices such as less drinking and healthy eating, and lessen the risk of illness.

Do you need to find the motivation to achieve those overdue goals?

We all know that the benefits of exercise can be tremendous, but when incorporated into group activities, the chances of reaching these goals are so much more achievable. As well as increasing the likelihood of all these great things, the health benefits of working out with a crowd are so much more. Suppose you have found yourself stopping and starting exercise regimes and want to give it another shot. Maybe you have never been to the gym, but it has been on your mind for some time. Well, either way, get in touch with 1Vigor today. Our HIIT classes in Copley are guaranteed to improve both your physical and mental health. All you need to do is book yourself a session, have a good time, and keep it up. Let us help you improve your motivation, health, social circles, and self-esteem and lose that stubborn weight that just won’t go away. We look forward to seeing you at our gym in Copley.