Who is the Strength & Conditioning Programme for?

It’s for anyone who wants be Stronger, Fitter, Faster

How the Programme is built…

We looked at in a way in that…

  • What can we do to give someone their best possible week?
  • How do you have a great training week…?
  • What are the things that if you did once a week would be really good for you?


When you look at Strength Training, you shouldn’t visualise a big pumped up body builder..

It’s about being Athletic

It’s about having Longevity with Movement into old age

It’s about being capable of fundamental Human movements such as a deep squat and deadlift which many people lose as they age

Think about having strong ligaments and tendons, good bone density, think about being robust and avoiding common injuries

Think about the physical things you enjoy outside of the gym, think about where you want to be physically in 15 years time and being able to do whatever you want

It’s designed Performance First and is structured to cover Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Stability


Some Woman are scared of Strength Training, lots of myths and un truths out there about Strength Training and Women

Scared of Upper Body Strength Training and hitting the Bench Press…?

You need to know why you’re doing it?

When you do Bench Press, get out of your head about how big is your chest going to be

We don’t look at it about how big is your bench going to be… we’re looking at it and thinking about shoulder strength, performance, we’re thinking about ligaments, tendons…

If you want to pull faster on a SkiErg or RowErg, or you want to Perform better at a Sport, or anything Physically in life… then you need to have relative strength and balanced strength

You’re not going to get large muscles from doing Upper Body Strength stuff… what you’re going to be doing is making your body more robust and increase your Physical Performance

The lasses who are hitting the S&C… all that’s happening is their Performance is increasing Week on week