​Join us!

1VIGOR are putting together a team to enter into this year’s Total Warrior on 23rd June.
The course is 12k, but don’t let that put you off, you’ll hardly notice the distance once you’re through the 25 obstacles along the way, being rewarded at the finish line with a T-shirt and a free beer!
As we’ll be running as a team, we will of course have team T-shirts, and for all entrants we’ll ask what size you want before we order!

​Start as a team, finish as a team

No one get’s left behind, we help each other through the course, and we’re only as fast as our slowest team member. at 1VIGOR we act as 1TEAM, we train together, and support each other.
You’ve either worked hard to get where you are now, or you’ve set yourself a goal and are well on your way towards it. Use this to push your training up, and set yourself this as a goal to aim for.

​Together, we are stronger

Book either through Glofox, or on our 1VIGOR website in the store.
Early bird price is £70, which includes a 1V Total Warrior top for the day. This price is until 5pm on Thursday 15th February.
Entries after this time are ​£80 for the day. These prices are determined by Total Warrior, not by 1VIGOR and are inclusive of their booking fees.

​Any questions? FAQs:

Why all the extreme obstacles?

10ks, Marathons and Trail Runs are great but let’s step this up a notch in terms of a personal test. Running in a 10K can be a great challenge but imagine being faced with 8ft walls, swamps, electric shocks, tunnels and fire to name just a few – suddenly that 10K sounds easy, maybe a little too easy!!

How should I train for Total Warrior?

Total Warrior is an extreme event. The distances vary from 10K or 10 Miles, so being able to cover this distance is a minimum requirement. The terrain and obstacles will make this much harder than a standard event (expect to double your time!). Check out the Training Page for more info.

What should I wear?

Good question, it’s the summer but it’s also the UK so our advice is to come prepared! You’ll obviously need your normal running gear and make sure you have tight trainers as you may be likely to lose one! We would also advise you to wear something you are happy not to need in the future! A full change of warm clothes is essential along with a towel.

What Should I bring on the day?

A full change of clothes along with your running gear and a towel. A wise man once said… “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!” There will be food outlets and a bar onsite but there is no access to a cash point, so don’t forget to bring enough money with you.

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