I’m very excited to say that today we collected our first batch of 1V wear from our supplier, and have spent some time tonight labeling them all up, ready to get down to the studio for collection. After seeing the colours people have ordered, I think I’ve got a new favourite and I know which one I’m buying next (Charcoal / Burgundy).

The 1V Store now has many more items now available to order, with a number of different colour options for almost every item of clothing, including men’s and women’s training tops, cool polo shirts, and even leggings and Capri for women. All gym gear will be printed instead of embroidered as the material isn’t the best for embroidering onto. I personally will be going for the GameGear tops, as I find them very comfortable.

In the next fortnight, our first photoshoot batch of all clothing items will be available, so I’ll be taking them out, getting photos of the logo emblazened activewear, with my glamourous assistant (I don’t look great in 3/4 length leggings), and then making them available to view down at 1VIGOR, so you can feel the garments, and even try them on for size if you wish.

Apologies for the delay on this first order for the hoodies. We wanted to get the embroidered design exactly right! In future, as they now have the exact design for what we want, the turnaround for our custom activewear will be much shorter, along with anything that is printed.

Take a look in our 1V Store, and keep your eyes peeled in the studio for our new clothing range, soon to include and embroidered Beanie hat too, for those cold winter visits to 1VIGOR. Thanks for reading!

Shopping is my Cardio

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