It’s a fundamental human movement which we should all be able to do efficiently

Watch Toddlers, they’re in a deep squat position all the time, because they don’t have the strength in their backs, so they’re forced to lift correctly

If you watch a toddler Deadlift (pick something up from the floor), it’s the perfect technique

The human body takes the path of least resistance, if you / when you stop squatting, your body will tighten up and your hips and calf’s will become restricted. This is what generally leads to back issues / pain

We should spend 5 – 10 minutes, every day in the deep squat position and working on mobility to address any restrictions

The Squat muscles include Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Back and Core

If your squat muscles can sustain and lift a heavier weight, your body will be more resilient to injuries

Standing up and sitting down will be an easier task

Going up and down stairs or going on long walks aren’t an issue with strong legs/core