Our hardcore member Hannah Baggs, has made sure she’s found the balance so she can still workout and get her sweat on whilst carrying. 

YES, you can still workout during pregnancy, in fact physical activity during pregnancy is great for the baby and YOU. However, now is the time to train smarter, not harder.


The first and most important rule/tip is to always check with your doctor before jumping into exercise. If you exercised before pregnancy and you have zero complications, chances are you’re fine to continue working out as normal. 

During the first trimester, you can train as normal.  Once you get to 2nd trimester you need to start modifying exercises, it’s completely dependent on your level of activity prior to pregnancy, so check with your doc. 


We all know warming up is key, but even more so during pregnancy. You don’t want to put extra strain on your muscles and ligaments when they are already being worked to the max by carrying your baby. This means you may need to continue to take it easy after the warm-up is over. Similarly, make sure you always cool down after your workout.  Now is the time to embrace chill mode after a hard sessions, bring down your heart rate and do pregnancy – friendly stretches. 

The further into your pregnancy you go, the more you will need to slow down. Fast movement can make you feel dizzy and throw you off balance. So take your time transitioning from floor exercises to standing and getting on and off the bikes. 


Drink even more than usual. It is so important to stay hydrated before, during and after training. Dehydration puts you at high risk of overheating.


Don’t overdo it. Training to failure was great before you got pregnant, it’s not your goal anymore though. 

If you are training so hard to the point where you can’t carry a light conversation then you need to pull back a little bit. If it hurts or feels like it is not right, it probably isn’t and you need to stop. 

Second trimester is said to be the best and when you have the most energy, so take advantage of it. If you have days where you feel completely drained and exhausted (hello third trimester) you might want to reconsider that high cardio class and go for a walk or do yoga instead. 

 Or even just settle for a nice nap. Always listen to your body and remember that it is doing amazing things during this time- you are growing a human! Some days living is enough and you need the rest.


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