We hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend, of course getting an early night ready for your Sunday and Monday sessions? Haha!

On 3rd November, we will be putting in another order for our 1VIGOR Wear with our supplier, and this time, anything from the range, not just the hoodies! I’ll be getting myself one of the tops, the AWDis (All we do is) brand is good quality, and the same brand as the hoodies. Think I’ll also be treating myself to another hoodie, seeing the other colours made me green with envy!

Our MZ3 MyZone belts are now live in the store too, meaning you could also purchase one of these if you wish, take a look at the MyZone post to learn more about how this is going to create a much more enjoyable and challenging session for us, just in case you wondered what the TV screen was, it’s not so we can have Corrie on in the corner!

So there you have it, take a look at the range and let us know what you’d like us to get created for you before 5pm on Friday 3rd November. We’ll once again keep you up to date with the order status and hopefully this week will be able to show you just what the rest of our clothing range looks and feels like down at the studio. You’ll also find a couple of things for sale, from our first photo shoot, when we were still scoping out exactly what we wanted and finding a great supplier.

It’s also worth noting that you can still get your place for our Christmas party, with more details to be found in the link below. Tickets are £30 per head and can be reserved using our 1VIGOR store, with payment either by PayPal, or through your Mindbody account, and your stored card details.

Have a happy Halloween!

Oh my god, let me see the store now!

What exactly is MyZone?

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