We have a 06:30 Early Morning session on Monday!!

Read on to see benefits of training early, and some advice for getting your ARSE out of bed!!

I have always found my fitness routine to be most consistent  when I train early mornings.

Why is this?

To start with, there are no excuses!!

It doesn’t matter if you finish work late, or if the kids have sports practice… there are no distractions at that time in a morning. It becomes a routine and that’s when exercise becomes a success for you, when you make it your routine.

Get your work-out… out of the way!!

No doubt, the hard part is getting your ARSE out of bed, but once you’ve done that, the benefits of training early are amazing.  For a start, by 07:15 you’ve completed your training, WOW!!

Enhance Your Metabolism

Improve your physical and mental energy. An early morning workout is your all-natural cup of coffee. Wake up your body and prepare your mind.

Post Workout High

 Exercise triggers the release of Endorphins, our in-built happiness drug!!

Giving you energy for the day ahead, feeling fresh, energized and amazing.

How do I get my ARSE out of Bed?

Get your gym kit ready the night before, trainers, water bottle, sweat towel, banana.

Ideally you want to place your alarm or phone at the furthest point in your bedroom, so when it goes off you have to get out of bed!! This also reduces the temptation to scroll endlessly through Facebook until mid night, meaning you get to sleep earlier.

There you go!!

You’re out of bed!!

All you have to do now is grab your kit, head to the studio and KICK ASS!!

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