High Intensity Interval Training has been ranked as the Number 1 trend in the fitness industry for 2018.

Exercise enjoyment relates to exercise motivation, adherence and results.  The more you enjoy your exercise, the more likely you are to persist and reap the results.  So it’s important to find exercise that you enjoy!!

Your Heart Rate and Blood Lactate are higher during a HIIT session compared with MICT (Moderate Intensity Continuous Training).  This means you personally find HIIT much tougher compared with MICT.

But despite this pain, studies show participants still enjoy HIIT more than MICT.


HIIT Exercise is shorter duration.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends you accumulate 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise or just 75 minutes of high intensity exercise each week.

You only need HALF the duration!!

If you attend a 1VIGOR session twice a week you have smashed these guidelines. You can turn up to 1VIGOR knowing it’s going to be challenging, but it’ll soon be over!!

An important part of a HIIT workout, is pushing hard when it’s time to.  That’s what HIIT is all about, going as hard as you can for short intervals followed by rest intervals.  We now have LIVE FEEDBACK on your Heart Rate so you can see your effort level and know just how hard you are pushing.

We live busy lives, time is limited.  At 1VIGOR you are in and out of the door in 45 minutes.

…Don’t assume that such a short period of exercise will only bring limited results….

There are numerous benefits of HIIT. Improved maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), improved insulin sensitivity (so that your muscles can use glucose more effectively), decreased blood pressure, lower total cholesterol levels and of course (EPOC) Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption also known as the after burn where your body continues to burn calories for you to 36 hours after your session!!

What’s not to love!!  More results in less time!!

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