It’s that time of year again, kids bringing home wayyyyy too much chocolate, and we have to do the right thing and help them finish it off. It’s not just me right?

I’m punishing myself for my gluttony and have booked myself on (yet again) to Zak’s 1Xtreme class Halloween evening, not in fancy dress I have to add, but I will be taking our 1V Pumpkin for the entrance way. There’s still space to get booked on yourself, and if you can’t make 1Xtreme, why not try Zak’s Wednesday session instead?

Not booked on? Why not give yourself a short home workout before your next class, keep that blood pumping!

Also worth noting, MyZone is imminent! We’re waiting for a small bit of equipment and we’ll be ready to go. I’ve got my belt, and looking forward to seeing my name on screen, helping me push myself harder than ever. If you want to know more, just check out our MyZone post.

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