So that’s Halloween over and done with for another year, next stop is Christmas!!

As those colder winter nights, and ice-cold winter mornings close in, it will be even harder to find the motivation to get your gym gear on and either come to the studio, or do a home workout. It’s the kind of weather where we crave comfort food, hot chocolates and lazy evenings in front of the TV. We all then know what happens, December comes, we all get annoyed with the weight we’ve put on, and that new years resolution comes back up again “I will lose weight”, “I will go to the gym”. Easiest way to do that, don’t stop your 1VIGOR Sessions! We have lots of developments this month, including an exciting bit of kit called MYZONE, which will really help our motivation to spend just 45 minutes working out, information about the #FatFuneral courses that we’re wanting to start again early next year, and new photos taken for our 1VIGOR Wear clothing range.

Deadlines, argh! We have another order going into our supplier this Friday at 5pm. We’ve had a few orders in so far, I know I’ll be getting myself another hoodie, as I’m so jealous of the colours some of you have bought last time around. Most of you will have enough Perkville points to qualify for a 25% discount off the hoodies, this brings the price down to £18.75! Hard to get a hoodie of this quality for that price – Perfect for those lazy nights in front of the TV? Haha. All items of clothing in our store are now live for sale! Just place your order, no need to log in to the website, and choose to pay either by your Mindbody account, or by PayPal if you prefer. Don’t forget how nice those hoodies will be as a Christmas present!

Redeeming Perkville points – So easy, just pop over to the rewards page on our website, log in if you need to, navigate to the Perks tab, and redeem the voucher! We will then email you within a couple of hours (Unless you do this when I’m in bed…) to confirm that the voucher code is ready for use in our webshop.

What are you waiting for? Use the buttons below to either go to our 1V Store or to visit your Rewards, to find out what savings you could make on one of these hoodies.

I want to see the 1V Store!  Take me to My Rewards!

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