What’s special about 1VIGOR is the combination of CARDIO + STRENGTH.

So in this Blog, let us take a look at Strength Training, also known as Resistance Training.

Resistance Training brings in many results and is hugely satisfying.  It’s becoming more popular with women, although some women still fear they will start to look like a body builder rather than the lean physique they desire.

Read on to see some interesting benefits about resistance training:

The Government and NHS Guidelines are that for people aged between 19 – 64, we should be doing strength exercises on two or more days of the week, that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms)

Resistance Training keeps you burning FAT hours after the class is over…

 There is no doubt Cardio (Cardiovascular Training) is key for creating a calorie-burning workout. But by adding in Resistance Training you have the added benefit of helping to burn fat long after you leave the Studio.

Resistance Training is the only tried-and true way that we can actually raise our own resting metabolic rate.  When weight training you build lean muscle, and muscle is a metabolically active tissue where carbs and body fat are burned and used as energy.  The more muscle you have, the higher your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and the more calories you burn throughout the day doing nothing.

(BMR = the rate at which your body burns calories when you’re doing absolutely nothing!).

When you kill a 1VIGOR session, you are hitting both your lungs and your full body muscles, the perfect ingredients for a fat burning workout.

Will I become Big and Bulky if I lift weights?

The simple answer is Yes, if you are smashing the 14Kg dumbbells, then you will put on some bulk!!

It is important to realise, Women and Men are built differently.  Women don’t become bulky because of their biology, on average testosterone levels in Men are about seven to eight times as great as in Women, and testosterone is the main hormone that builds bulky muscle.

So yes, lifting weights can make you bulky, but the weights need to be really heavy with just a small number of rep (around 12 reps) and lifting to failure.

1VIGOR’s workout is not designed for Bulk, it is designed for toning muscle, burning fat and getting fit.  You will most likely do a minimum of 24 reps per exercise.

The key to choosing your dumbbells:

  1.       Concentrate on getting a good technique, once you’ve mastered that then you can think about going heavier.
  2.      On the last 20 seconds you should be really struggling and you should be aiming to be at failing point within the last 10 seconds of the exercise.
  3.        If you are completing the exercise without stopping for a few seconds rest, then you’re probably ready to pick up the next sized dumbbells at your next session!!
  4.        Remember, as you progress and get stronger, don’t get lazy and sit in your comfort zone, push to try the next set up of heavier dumbbells.


1VIGOR’s dumbbell range:

4Kg, 6Kg, 8Kg, 10Kg, 12Kg, 14Kg

Top Tip:

Set yourself a rhythm, and try to stick to your rhythm throughout the whole exercise (set).  If you start to slow down from your rhythm, generally you will stop.  Try to put your mind somewhere else and just keep that body moving!!


Stronger Bones…

 So we know lifting weights is good for our fat loss, our BMR and toning up, all of which is great for how we look and feel…

Our bodies are designed to be active, if you work in an office job it’s very easy to live a sedentary lifestyle, and this can have severe health complications as we age.

So where does resistance training come into health complications?  Resistance training and building muscle is essential for stronger bones. It puts stress on your bones and this increases your bone mineral density. Bone mineral density is key for keeping you safe, healthy, and reducing your risk of osteoporosis later in life.

Lifting weights also strengthens the muscles and joints that support and protect you, from other chronic diseases like arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

Improve Strength… and Confidence

Okay… we have covered our Fat Loss, our BMR, Toning up and the most important part our Health!!

What else can lifting weights offer??

Every time you lift weights, you become stronger.  So you are able to lift heavier, which is both amazingly satisfying and motivating!!

Strength training can increase on a week by week basis, especially within the first 6 months of training.

This is a huge confidence boost when you start moving some heavy weights around!!

And Confidence is Key!!

It brings out the SUPERHERO in YOU!!

It feels AWESOME to be STRONG!!

See the paragraph below for important nutrition:

Since resistance training boosts your metabolic burn, it’s important to drink extra water post-class to stay hydrated. You should also be taking in protein after your class.

Some muscle building, post class snack ideas:

Greek Yoghurt (with 12g of sugar or less).
Tbsp Peanut Butter


½ a Sweet Potato
A handful of mixed Nuts

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