So here it is, a chunk of information about our plans for the coming two months taking you, and us into 2018. We’ve news on our new 2018 contracts, and the exciting news that all contracts come with MyZone belts (wooo!). We’ll be bringing Perkville to a close, more news below, our #FatFuneral course will be back in January, with a new and improved program, and we will be moving away from Mindbody towards a company called Glofox for our software. Please do continue to read on to learn all about the exciting couple of months ahead of us.


Most of you will know what this is by now, but if you don’t (Where have you been?) it’s the big screen in the corner, that usually shows just how hard people are working in their session.
So why do we like MYZONE so much? – For us, involving everyone, and being inclusive is important. Whether you’re the fittest person at the gym, or a total newbie, MYZONE is for you. The belt measures your heart rate, and calculates the effort you put in not the level of fitness. If you put the effort in during your HIIT class, you will feel the benefits, no matter what your fitness level. The more effort you put in, the more hours your body keeps that burn going after your class.
Want a free belt? – There’s no competition here, all our 12 month contracts for 2018 include a belt. Get on it!

2018 Contracts and PAYG

From January 2018, we will be live with our new pricing stucture. It’s really easy to understand but here is how it breaks down:

  1. Keep it Casual – No contract, just pay as you go. Purchase a package of credits and use them within the timescales. Love the MyZone belts? During the month of December, you can purchase one of these from us for £48. From 1st January, these are available for £79.99
  2. Make a Commitment – Our easy to understand 12 month contract. Great savings to be had, with our three options. All 12 month options come with a free MyZone belt!
  3. #FATFUNERAL – Our course is back. 24 sessions over 12 weeks, with a load of additional stuff in our #FATFUNERAL starter box to get you going, and really motivate you to lose that winter weight.

Saying ‘Bye’ to Perkville

So with new software on it’s way, we decided to review how Perkville has worked for us. This is pretty new to the industry and our hopes were that it would drive engagement, and act as an encouraging factor to get you down to the studio, working hard and seeing results. We offered a number of different ‘Perks’, which some of you took up, including free classes, 25% off clothing and one of you even had enough points for a full FREE month of unlimited sessions. Unfortunately the take up of this rewards system was very low and wasn’t having the effect that we wanted in motivating our amazing clients, so on 31st November 2017, we will be saying goodbye to Perkville
What do I do with the points I have? – Don’t panic!! We’re telling you now so that you have enough time to decide what you’d like to do. You can use your points to redeem any perks, and if you want the 25% off clothing, just get the voucher, and keep it until you’re ready to order. On 1st December, all unclaimed points will be converted into 25% discount vouchers where you’ve earned enough, as we’d hate for anyone to miss out.

Going from Mindbody to Glofox

We’ve been looking for some time now, at how we can make life easier for you, and we’ve got to our absolute limit with Mindbody, the company that provides our current software for booking classes, buying credits, and as most of you now use, downloading the app. We wanted to create a better, more friendly experience, and so on 1st December, we will be switching to Glofox. Questions? We thought you might, here’s some brief info on what to expect:

  1. What happens to my current credits? – On 1st December, we will transfer all your remaining credits to Glofox, ready for you to book classes
  2. What happens to the classes? – any classes that you have booked from 1st December onward, we will book for you in Glofox, as we don’t want you to miss out. From 1st December, all classes will then be bookable in Glofox
  3. What happens to my monthly payments? – Your payments are set up in Mindbody, and due to data protection, the companies aren’t allowed to pass your billing information over. Your payments will end for your credits that you’re using during November, and into December, and any further payments we will set up with you in Glofox, which is an easy process.
  4. Can I end my current contract early and upgrade? – Of course! We can end your current contract to sign up for one of the 12 month contracts, which include the free MyZone belt. We’ll be getting in touch with everyone individually to discuss options soon.
  5. How do I get started on Glofox? – The app is available to download from the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. Links to the app will soon be made available.
  6. What features does the Glofox app have? – Oh my god, it’s actually mind blowing. Okay, so it has…
    1. Online Class Bookings
    2. Course Bookings
    3. 1Vigor Store
    4. All pricing options
    5. News/Blog Posts
    6. Trainer Bios
    7. Club Info
    8. Notifications
    9. Schedule diary
    10. Push notifications
    11. And probably more that I’ve not remembered.

#FatFuneral is back, and better

Our course is back, and better than ever. You’ll be able to buy this either on our website or even better, in the Glofox App. The course has been extended, doubled in size even to 24 sessions over 12 weeks. We want to help you realise your results and celebrate your successes in your weight loss and fitness goals.
Our #FATFUNERAL Box is now part of the package, and has a stonking amount of stuff in it. Curious? Here it is…

  • MyZone MZ-3 Belt RRP £129.99
  • 1VIGOR Hoodie, choice of 48 colour combinations
  • 1VIGOR Water Bottle
  • 1VIGOR Sweat Towel
  • FatFuneral Course Guide
  • Healthy Recipe Book
  • Branded Presentation Box

Any questions? Just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to talk more!


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