At the heart of working out is heart rate…

Heart Rate explained

Let us start with your maximum heart rate (MHR).  Your MHR is the highest beats per minute your heart can achieve. This is maximal exertion, very few people exercise at this level of intensity.  You could only sustain MHR for very short amount of time, probably less than 30 seconds, much longer and you would collapse with exhaustion.

Key Point:

Your MHR doesn’t change as you become more or less fit.  So what happens when I get fitter?  Your body becomes more efficient, your heart becomes stronger and that means it can pump more blood with each beat to your working muscles, this means your heart doesn’t have to work as hard and pumps less (beats) for the same workload

For Example:

Imagine yourself on the bike on your first session at 1VIGOR. You are doing a 110 sprint and your resistance knob has 3 turns on.  You’re working hard and struggling, for this example your HR is 85% of your MHR.

Ok, now fast forward to where you are now. You are on the same bike again, doing a 110 sprint with exactly the same resistance – 3 turns.  But you’re not finding it that difficult…  Your body has become more efficient, your heart is stronger and it’s only having to work at 70% of your MHR for exactly the same work load.

What does this mean?

Ok, picture yourself on the bike again, you’re now working at 85% of your MHR.  

The person at the side of you, is an imaginary you, on your first day at 1VIGOR. It is an un fitter version of you.

This old version of you is also working at 85% of their MHR.  Both versions of you are pedalling at a speed of 110 rpm.

So regardless of different fitness levels…  you are both working at the same EFFORT LEVEL. 

This means the current version of you (the fitter person) will be doing more workload (more resistance on the knob) than the un fitter version of you, but the key is EFFORT!!

You want to measure your EFFORT!!

Image below shows example of how the TV at the studio will display your live MYZONE feed.

MyZone calculates your MHR by the data you input when you set it up, it also re-configures and adjusts on the data it is collecting from your workouts, this means it is constantly working out your accurate MHR.

MyZone can then use your MHR and calculate YOUR training zones.

See image below for Zones and MEPS (MYZONE EFFORT POINTS).

We want to reward the EFFORT that you apply to exercise.  We are going to do this by integrating 1VIGOR REWARDS with your MYZONE EFFORT POINTS!!  The more effort you put in and the more regular you do it, the more REWARDS you get.

The image below explains the intensity in each Zone.


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