“I’m not a gym person!”

“I’m too scared!”

Well you’re not alone.  But don’t let being a beginner intimidate you… everyone was a beginner at some point.  Have no fear, your self-consciousness will be conquered once the lights go down, the music turns up and your 1VIGOR experience begins.

The workout is designed to “shock” the body in the most efficient and effective way to lose fat and tone muscle.  Our instructors create a warm, friendly, positive and supportive environment.  Regardless of your fitness level, you will love this new way to workout.  Our instructors will help you break past your boundaries and you can expect to burn up to 700 calories in one 45-minute session.

What’s special about 1VIGOR is the combination between Cardio and Strength training.  Our 45-minute workouts include intervals of indoor bikes and resistance training.

The 1VIGOR Box

The 1VIGOR BOX is no ordinary gym bench. We purposely designed and built it for the 1VIGOR workout.  Your weights are stored underneath you. This means you stay focused on your workout! No sharing weights! No breaks between sets! No stopping until it’s over!

Instructors vary throughout the week, different muscle groups on each day, so no one class is ever the same. You will see and feel results right away in a thumping music filled environment where every class feels new, fun and exciting.