1.    HIIT – combining your workout’s

In an ideal world, each day of your week would be set with a specific muscle group, you would have perfectly timed rest days, you would have time for cardio sessions and even time for Yoga!!

The reality is, with work, family commitments and our social lives, there isn’t a great deal of time left…

So when it comes to exercise, we need to pack as much as we can into the shortest amount of time.

Welcome to HIIT, (High Intensity Interval Training), a way of getting a quick workout in without sacrificing your results.  It’s fast paced, it’s hard work, but it’s worth it.  1VIGOR session’s include everything you need, and what’s best… you are IN and OUT in just 45  minutes. High Intensity allows you to get stronger, boost muscular endurance and test your cardio fitness, all in one session. 

2.    H2O – stay hydrated

Keeping hydrated affects your health in many ways.  Keeping your brain functioning optimally, skin looking and feeling healthy and your energy levels high.

But most of us don’t drink enough!! If you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated. 

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of looking after our body.  Keep bottled water in the fridge, take a bottle to bed, get into the habit of drinking water with every meal – starting with your breakfast, keep sipping constantly throughout the day.

3.    Break away from your Phone

Phones are impacting our health, from mental alertness to real life engagements.  Social media addiction, access to inboxes and Apps for everything. It’s difficult not to be glued to your phone like it’s an extension of your body.

Give your phone a curfew, at least an hour before bed time and away from hand’s reach.  Not only will you sleep better, you might even have a conversation with your spouse or room mate.  It’s important to keep a connection with other’s around you.

Your text messages & Facebook Likes will still be there in the morning.

Give your mind some clarity, live in the moment and you’ll most likely find yourself happier for it.

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