So here I am, sitting in my living room wondering how I just made it through that killer session. As people will know, I attend quite a number of 1VIGOR sessions, but this was most certainly the hardest, and the session that pushed me more than I’ve been pushed before. The music was louder, the beat felt stronger and I don’t know how but Zak’s booming voice sounded even more motivating. The warm-up even included jump lunges for the full 30 seconds, just to give us a taste of what was to come. Zak pushed us during the session to lift heavier weights, with more challenging exercises, included the dreaded burpees. Not just any burpees however, with weights, chest to floor, followed by a chest press at the top. Zak really does love to see us sweat, grimace and give that one more rep, just at the point where we don’t think we can.

I know what you’re saying “why the hell would I want to do that???” – The same reason you joined 1VIGOR in the first place, to test yourself, push your limits, get fit, lose weight, build lean muscle, and enjoy a workout where someone is pushing you to be your best. If you want a challenge then I couldn’t recommend a session more, just give it a go.

Was actually that good that we’ve already had Sarah Turnbull book on for next week – Go you Sarah!!!

Don’t forget, we’ll be running the #1Xtreme photo points bonus again next week. Grab a selfie at the end of the session with Zak, post it on Facebook with #1Xtreme and you’ll get an additional 50 bonus points. Better book myself onto next Tuesday before you lot fill up all the spaces!

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