Throughout my childhood and teenage years I had always been skinny, too skinny. I was never able to put any weight on no matter what I ate. Until my mid 20’s. From then I developed an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating the wrong foods and drinking a lot. My weight has been up and down ever since. The first picture was taken in Dec 2017. I had just started running (only the odd 5k with my running partner and best friend). I had bought us both an entry into a 10k race for Christmas 2017. 

With running 2-3 times a week I successfully completed the race on a hot day in July 2018. It was at park run in August of the same year I got my first sub 30 minute 5k. I was over the moon. 

The following day I was invited to 1VIGOR by my friend Kristy. I loved the session. Ross went through all the excercises. As the classes are only small it’s like having a personal trainer. Pushing you to give that little bit more. And also making sure you have got techniques with the weights right. I went on holiday the next day and really struggled to sit down or lift my suitcase 😂.

After attending as pay as you go for a month, I then signed up to “MAKE A COMMITMENT” membership in October. The added incentive of the FREE MyZone belt was amazing. I can’t excercise without it now. I have been attending 1VIGOR for a year and in that year have become so much stronger. I’ve increased the weights I lift gradually and regularly push myself to keep achieving more. The regular challenges that the gym runs are a big incentive for me. I need something like this to keep me motivated. The gym classes are never the same with a mix of different excercises and routines. The boxmasters are definitely an excellent addition. 

Since starting at 1VIGOR my running has also improved. I’ve improved my core strength and am now running longer distances. I am also faster now. I completed my first half marathon at Leeds in May. Finishing the course in 2hours and 27seconds (a huge a achievement as I was aiming for 2hours 15mins- but those 27seconds still frustrate me). 

The second picture is me now and, although it’s not the lightest I’ve ever been this is the healthiest weight for me. But it’s not just about the weight loss. The combination of running and gym has made me stronger, not just physically but mentally too. That to me is my biggest progress.


Didn’t do any exercise especially in a gym ate what I wanted drunk far to much got to a point where I really couldn’t run with the kids. I was massively over weight and didn’t really care to much.

My stepdad died suddenly of a heart attack at a young age I didn’t want to go down that road so decided to try 1VIGOR I didn’t hold much hope in it my idea was it would be full of meat heads.

However I did Katie’s induction class the people there where helpful and respectful. At that I decided that this was a place I could go and learn to be healthy again.

I joined fat funeral which helped me no end all the ladies and gents in 1VIGOR have been so supporting it has changed my life no end.

Image Below: Marc Jessop 3 weeks into the #FatFuneral Course

I haven’t run since I was at school and ran 5 miles around Sheffield up and down hills with my friend. This would never have been possible without 1VIGOR. I will always come to classes when I can.

Thank you Ross and team 


I started coming to 1V pretty much the first week it opened in January 2017.  Matt had proposed to me on Christmas Eve so I was shredding for the wedding!!

Me and fitness have never got on in the past!  I’d been a member of numerous gyms & leisure clubs over the years and tried various different fitness classes.  I’d stick at them for the first 10 weeks then slowly trail off and waist my money for the remaining 9 months of the year! I’d seen 1V advertising and was intrigued!

I went to my first class and was hooked! What a great atmosphere and a great bunch of people!  I signed up for two classes a week which was manageable for me.  

I knew I was unfit when I started, just didn’t realise quite how unfit!!  The first few classes were a struggle, but the instructors were very supportive and encouraging.  Slowly I could feel myself getting fitter, I was lifting heavier weights and pushing myself more.

Matt and I got married in December 2017, nearly 12 months after I started at 1V.  I was more amazed that I’d kept going for 12 months more than anything else but I think that’s because it becomes addictive and you want to push yourself, plus the addition of the MyZone belts has really pushed me to want to achieve more.  I walked down the aisle in my dream dress feeling a million dollars – I didn’t weigh loads less, but I’d shrunk by several inches all over which was even better and I was so much fitter!  

In Jan 2018, I managed to talk Matt into joining too.  We make it work for us, and work around our 3 year old son.  We both go to classes on the same evenings, but tag-team it!  I go to the early class whilst Matt gets our son bathed and ready for bed, then he drives him down and we swap cars!  I then take our son home after my class and put him to bed, whilst Matt enjoys his class!  This works for us and means we both get to enjoy 1V, but also means we’re not out every night of the week.  We also try to get a class in at the weekend each too.

The biggest miracle is that I’ve stuck at fitness consistently for 2 years now – an absolute miracle in itself!!  Defo give 1V a chance – it’s a great concept and you’ll make some great new friends along the way too, as we have!


Well what can I say it’s been life changing!!

It all started back in 2017 when I realised I couldn’t carry on the way I was. Eating all the wrong the foods and drinking almost every night. I had settled into a rut.

Then on my son’s Prom night we had a few photos taken and I was horrified by my appearance! It was at that moment I knew things had to change. I was at an all-time high in weight of 18.6 Stone = 118 kg.

I  was  told of 1VIGOR by a friend ( Gaz Owen) and thought I would try it out What can I say the first session nearly killed me !! I only committed to one session per week and cut out all the comfort foods and drink and slowly built my stamina up. I progressed to 3 sessions a week ( At the studio not the pub ) and with the support and advice form the staff could see some real changes in my fitness.

It’s not a gym it’s like having your own personal trainer with you all the time making sure you don’t give up but pushing you to do 1 more rep 1 more effort. With the addition of the My Zone belts making it more competitive and pushing you to try harder that bit longer to get the most out of your workout.

To date I have lost a staggering 4.9 stone! That’s 31 Kg. I have lost 6 inches from my waist and had to buy more cloths due to the amount of weight I have lost. It’s now become a habit to work out and feel much much healthier and fitter than I ever have.

I would like to thank all the staff and members of the studio that attend as you all make it so enjoyable to return time and time again. The staff offer advice and help you with technique on certain activity’s so you don’t hurt yourself and build up your confidence to make you push on harder.


Myself and my wife started at 1vigor August 2017 (I think) going 4 times a month. We researched local gyms and luckily found this one just down the road from us. Previously I’d been to council owned gyms where I quickly lost interest going on my own.

I play other sports so the gym is there for me to strengthen other muscle groups. The best thing about 1vigor, for me, is that it is such a personal experience without personal trainer prices (and also the lavender face cloth at the end).

The difference of this gym in comparison to other gyms I’ve been to is the different challenges you face every time you go, I’ve been attending the same class for a while now and each time I go there’s different exercises for different muscle groups. With a regular gym you don’t have the same motivation to attend, or once you are there, there’s nobody pushing you on if you go on your own.

I ran a marathon last year and alongside my running I attended Ross’ class once a week and really did think this helped my overall body condition. I still attend once a week, alongside my football and think the addition of the boxmasters adds a whole new dimension and challenge to the class.


Started 1VIGOR after moving to the area in September 2017. Have always enjoyed going to the gym, especially the classes but 1VIGOR is different from anything else I’d ever experienced.

I went with my husband for the free taster class and was made to feel instantly welcome by Ross. Absolutely loved that first class and haven’t looked back since.

I think the small class size makes it possible for you to feel comfortable, not overwhelmed and gives the instructer chance to focus on individuals throughout each workout. It feels like a personal training session and with the introduction of the MyZone belt you feel like you’ve not got just the instructor pushing you but you can see for yourself how hard your body is working.

I recent took a 6 month break after having a baby but trained up until I was 30 weeks pregnant. I don’t think I’d have felt safe to train so close to my due date at a regular gym and all the exercises were adapted to my growing belly!

I had my first class back after having my daughter last week and although I felt physically sick for most of it I still loved it as much as I did before, with even more motivation to get back to the shape I was in before having a baby. 1VIGOR really is a one of a kind gym


Why is 1VIGOR better than any gym you’ve ever attended before, I hear you wonder…

Well let me tell you…

I started 1VIGOR as an original. I think my first class was actually in the first week of it opening and I’d been following their Facebook page for a while watching their development. My friend invited me along to a session and it was there that I was hooked.

Before 1VIGOR, I’d lost 3 stone with a slimming club and had begun to start running. I’d been to some classes at a gym closer to work but it was meaning I often wouldn’t be home until 8pm after staying at work late and then attending a very cardio based gym class. My membership was coming up for renewal and instead of renewing, although I enjoyed the classes, I figured I’d give 1V a go.

My first session was daunting, like any other thing you start for the first time, yet I was quickly shown how to use the equipment and was on my way within minutes. Quite literally that 45 minute session (including an 8 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down) changed my attitude towards fitness. Not only do I now attend 2x a week but I challenge myself in other ways- running half marathons, signing up to total warrior events and just continuing to love the changes it has made to my lifestyle and body image.

What I love about 1VIGOR

First of all, it’s not overcrowded. I used to attend classes where 50 or more people were crammed into a small studio room.

Secondly, it’s personal. The staff are all friendly, welcoming and Ross and Soph (the owners) are on hand to solve any queries or questions in an instant most of the time. I also love the fact of how close it is to home. I now go home before the gym, run down and walk back home. I’ve done a high intensity class within an hour and burnt a lot more calories than just faffing about in the big gyms for an hour.

Thirdly, they keep up to date with fitness trends and new modes of fitness to make sure us as clients get the very best out of our workouts. At first I thought the idea of using a MyZone belt was worrying. I didn’t want everyone seeing my effort levels but now it motivates me. When I see Dozza get to 100% on star jumps, I know I’ve to up my game! But in all seriousness, that’s another thing I love. It’s not about competition, yes its about effort, but at the end of the day it’s about changing your own attitudes towards fitness and being helped along by a supportive gym in the process.

I love 1VIGOR and all it stands for. It really is as corny as it sounds ‘fitness redefined’ and I don’t think you’ll find any other gym anywhere like it. It’s friendly, rewarding and motivating- just what’s needed in a small local village like West Vale. Book your first session free on the app and you won’t regret it 👍🏻

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